BIM Coordination Services

Designing Drafting offers top-notch BIM Coordination Services for its customers. Coordination of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems is essential in building design and construction. Finding and addressing the problems is key to the process. Coordination is a time-intensive procedure, particularly for larger projects. Pre-construction disputes and design-related concerns are often resolved using MEP BIM outsourcing services.

We provide very precise and accurate MEP BIM coordination that avoids all potential points of conflict. We want to make things that will provide them with the greatest opportunity to put their plans into action. For maximum compatibility, we combine all the models into a single comprehensive model.

Our MEP coordination services team ensures effective  BIM coordinator of all elements for a robust MEP-based model. After that, they are verified to work under the established construction regulations, design codes, and so on.

Consequently, your work will be accurate and perceived as our company wants to provide easy to clients. Therefore, our team works hard to provide the services.  Similarly, you can hire our team if you decide to get our services is an essential step in the construction process. Moreover, it can save your firm from wasting thousands of dollars as our experts will help you avoid costly errors during construction. Moreover, by resolving clashes before the start of construction, you can save money and reduce on-site delays. In addition, various studies have shown that firms that implement services have reduced their costs by 10% or more. Similarly, this can help you earn higher project margins and increase your profits significantly. Hence, if you hire these services, you can save a lot of money.

Benefits of BIM coordination services

Since it is the process that helps detect any clashes or interferences between building systems at the pre-construction stage, moreover, it uses a 3D model to identify those clashes and resolve them before the construction starts. Therefore, our BIM coordinator provide service can help you. 

Our work portfolio

Commercial sector

Residential sector


We’ve been in the construction industry for a long time as we are experts in our field and take pride in every project to ensure that we deliver high-quality results. Furthermore, we recognize that any job necessitates a great deal of planning and coordination. Therefore, we work with the client and other tradespeople to ensure we deliver our CAD Drafting Services on time. Our coordinator staff will collaborate with you to better understand your needs and requirements to recommend the best solution. Below is our work profile; we have worked for almost every sector.

Industrial sector

We can assist you by providing BIM Coordination Services.


Software Used for coordination services

Our company uses technology to provide project coordinator jobs, services to clients. Therefore, we have a list of all the professional software that works to provide accurate values to customers. Below is the software that our company typically uses.

Why choose our company?

With choosing a company for services, you have a lot of choices. Many organizations appear to offer similar services at similar pricing at first glance. But some crucial differences in our approach to BIM Coordination services set us apart from the crowd and make us the best choice for your project.

Best work possible

Our company is the only one that specializes in architectural,coordinator and engineering services. Moreover, we focus on those areas only, so we have become experts at it. And we are committed to producing only the very best work possible, so you can be sure we will do an excellent job for you.

Insights into your project

We also provide more value than other companies. Because we use our experience and knowledge to provide insights into your project, it is hard to find other companies, and they won’t be able to give you the quality. It’s all part of our mission to surpass your expectations and achieve the desired results consistently.

Customer service

Lastly, our company offers outstanding BIM coordination services customer project coordinator jobs, service designed around what you need most from us. Furthermore, we personalize our approach to match your requirements. Rather than trying to shoehorn your requirements into a pre-existing service model, create your own. As a result, you can get precisely what you need from us and get it quickly.