REVIT BIM Services

When it comes to meeting the requirements of the AEC market globally, architecture firms, construction firms, sub-contractors, consulting firms, engineers, makers, and assemblers all turn to designing and drafting, a leading BIM service provider with a global footprint that deals exclusively in providing Revit BIM services to a broad spectrum of customer base. We provide affordable, high-quality Revit services in a variety of fields, including structural, architectural, and MEP.

From the specified interior elevations, details, floor plans, and sections, our highly experienced professional team create a 3D Revit BIM model.

We provide potential Building Information Modeling (BIM) services in the areas of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP), and Façade. We provide Revit BIM solutions to assist you with design development, shop drawing creation, drafting and detailing, construction documentation, As-Built modeling, and adaptations, as needed, based on the specific needs and Level of Detail (LOD) of your projects.

In other words, Revit BIM modeling is the implementation of advanced technology. Especially during the building design process to create a virtual building model. Moreover, the virtual model created using Revit helps design any complex building structure easily, quickly, and accurately. So, it also helps detect clashes in the building design at an early stage, which helps in saving money, time, and effort. In addition, Revit Building Information Modeling services have many applications in architecture, construction, and engineering as they are used in various stages of the project lifecycle. For instance, conceptual design, schematic design, building design, construction documentation, construction phase, and facility operations.

Architectural services

BIM Architectural Design Services is another important architectural BIM service. This service allows designers to view their designs on a computer screen rather than paper. Moreover, they can also add details to their designs by including text and images. There are many different types of architectural Revit services available today. This can be very helpful for those who want to see how their house will look before they begin building it. In addition, we are capable of handling projects of any size and complexity as we use the latest technological tools to ensure that all architectural BIM models we developed are error-free. So, below are the services which we provide to our clients.

Architectural Revit BIM services
structural Revit BIM services

Structural Revit BIM Services

Structural Revit BIM is a 3D model-based process that produces information about construction materials. It enables contractors to visualize, analyze, and plan their building projects. Moreover, it represents a significant step forward in construction documentation, visual communication, and collaboration. So, a Structural Revit Building Information Model (BIM) is a virtual 3D representation of all structural components of a building. These components include foundations, framing systems, floors, walls, etc. The model contains all relevant data, such as dimensions and properties. So, our company best provides reliable BIM modeling Services to clients. Moreover, you can get all these services to clients.

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MEP and HVAC Structural services

The MEP and HVAC Structural Revit Services are the 3D models. These are being prepared to provide mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs. In addition, it is the process of working with buildings on the computer using a 3D model-based program. The work includes designing, planning, and managing building information. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are crucial in building construction. So, these systems help provide people with a comfortable lifestyle by offering them services like lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. These services also include waste disposal, water supply, and drainage system. Our company has trained engineers who will provide the best structural Revit services as it includes all of these elements. So, our team makes sure to cover them and give the services to clients.

Below are the services which are included in the Revit BIM modeling includes:

Facade Revit services

These services are an essential tool to be utilized in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. With the help of our team and expert Revit BIM consultants, visualize the design and its integration across multiple construction industry disciplines. Moreover, it offers visualization tools for generating 2D drawings, walkthroughs, animations from 3D models, and information management. In addition to this, it also works for the analysis functions for energy analysis, cost estimation, scheduling, clash detection, etc. So, our professionals use collaboration tools to coordinate between different disciplines involved in the project. Below are our company’s services to clients in our services.

Why us?

There are several reasons why our company is unique for getting these services. They are as follows:

Experienced professionals

The first reason is that we have a team of experienced professionals who have proven their expertise in developing BIM Consulting Services and models. Their years of experience will help you in your work. Moreover, we will assist you in your project.

Affordable price structure

We also have an affordable price structure. Our pricing will be based on your project’s complexity and other factors. So, you can avail any of the packages which will suit you.

Best quality services

We also provide the best quality services for our clients to get effective results for their business. Therefore, choosing us for these REVIT BIM Services never goes wrong for you.