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Designing Drafting provides construction businesses, architectural firms, and general contractors across the USA with rapid and thorough BIM Services. Our architects and BIM engineers are highly skilled and stay up-to-date with industry practices, tools, and technology. To guarantee that our customers get the finest we offer the fastest scan to BIM support possible. Additionally, our experts maintain a continual vigilance for emerging industry trends.

In a short time, we can produce an accurate and project-specific 3D BIM model, as well as provide 4D BIM, 5D BIM, or COBie Services. For architectural, structural, and MEP elements. We can also provide Scan to BIM and Revit Family Creation Services. The required Revit Construction Drawings for the building may be derived from our error-free BIM compliant 3D models.

We are the best BIM Service Provider for you because of the great quality of our services and the low cost.

What is Structural BIM Modeling?

Building information modeling (BIM) for structures is a cutting-edge method in the fields of structural engineering. Digital representations of a building's physical and functional attributes are created and managed in order to provide a full and dynamic three-dimensional model.
BIM for structural components including beams, columns, walls, and foundations goes beyond typical 2D drawings by including information about the qualities and interactions between these parts. Engineers may now study the structural behavior of a structure before the construction even starts, all thanks to this data-rich model.
Structural BIM Design is a tool for improving communication and coordination between members of a project team, identifying potential points of contention, and streamlining the building process. It makes it easier to do accurate quantity takeoffs, cost estimating, and scheduling, which boosts productivity and cuts down on mistakes. Visualization in a virtual setting also improves dialogue with constituents and facilitates well-informed decision-making at all stages of a project's development.

Change The Game With Our Structural BIM Modeling

Our BIM services for structural engineering is a game-changer. Our experts offer a comprehensive and interactive framework that boosts productivity, precision, and final results. Building information modeling solution companies let you optimize your structures and improve the construction processes.

LOD 100 BIM Models Scan to BIM conversion
LOD 200 BIM Models Rebar Modeling & Detailing
LOD 300 BIM Models BIM models for Construction scheduling (4D), Cost Scheduling (5D), Energy Analysis (6D) & Facility Management (7D)
LOD 400 BIM Models Precast modeling & Detailing

HVAC MEP modeling services

Full Service BIM Services

Designing Drafting offers the most reliable and precise BIM modeling services cost. We encompass subcategories such as architectural, structural, MEP, civil, and energy analysis. Architectural BIM focuses on creating digital models of building elements, while structural BIM involves modeling structural components. MEP BIM coordinates mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Civil BIM is used to model civil engineering aspects like roads and bridges. Energy analysis employs simulation to assess a building's energy efficiency. Each subcategory contributes to the overall design and construction process, aiding in visualization, coordination, clash detection, and energy optimization. Being among top BIM companies, our specialized services enhance collaboration, efficiency, and accuracy in the construction industry.

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Hire The Best Engineers

We know that you aim to grow your business. Therefore, you need professional assistance for prompt and quick BIM modeling solutions. With us, you get the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your construction projects. Do not wait more, and hire the best engineers for Structural BIM modeling. With their expertise and experience, they will create detailed 3D models, ensure coordination between various systems, and optimize the structural integrity of your building. Trust in their skills to deliver exceptional results.

Get The Best BIM Services

There is no denying that precise Architectural modeling services are a valuable asset for every architectural practice. Therefore, our experts are committed to driving the most accurate modeling solutions. It makes the entire process seamless. You can experience the power of exceptional services from one of the top BIM service companies that transform your construction projects. Get the best in the industry to create comprehensive 3D models, streamline coordination, and enhance project efficiency. From architectural and structural modeling to MEP coordination, our team ensures excellence at every step. Elevate your projects with our top-notch BIM modeling services.


Leverage our top-notch Architectural BIM Services to give your structures an elegant yet innovative look. Get in touch now!

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What Else We Have To Offer?​

Our professionals can assist you with the following domains too:

  • Developing BIM models from sketches
  • Revit Family Creation
  • BIM Documentation
  • BIM models for Construction scheduling (4D)
  • Cost Scheduling (5D)
  • Energy Analysis (6D)
  • Facility Management (7D)
  • BIM Coordination & Clash Detection
  • BIM Content Creation
  • Scan to BIM Conversion

How Can I Sign Up For Your Services?

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The first method is filling forms on our website. You can enter your queries, project details, and the type of services you want to take. Our support staff will forward this information to engineers. The relevant professionals will get in touch with you shortly after evaluating your project scope.

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The next, and most convenient method is to reach our professionals via a direct call. Our support staff is available round the clock to facilitate you with all quick queries. They will redirect your call to our professional if you want to leverage our services of BIM Modeling. Thus, you can enjoy a prompt solution.

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It might be daunting to give a call and spare time from your busy schedule filled with day-to-day activities. Therefore, you can reach our engineers through email. Just forward your concerns, and queries of information about the project and get a prompt response.


BIM modeling is the process of making a digital display of a building’s design and construction. It is quite popular and effective since it gives you better visualization, coordination, and collaboration among project stakeholders. Thus, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced errors throughout the construction lifecycle.

BIM modeling gives many benefits. As it includes better design coordination, identifying, cost estimation, and scheduling accuracy. It guarantees better decision-making, less rework, and optimizes project communication, and overall project outcomes.

We offer a complete range of BIM services. Therefore, it includes architectural modeling, structural modeling, MEP coordination, and clash detection. Furthermore, we take care of quantity takeoffs, and construction sequencing. Our experienced team ensures precise and detailed digital representations exclusive to your project’s needs.

Absolutely! We are proficient in integrating BIM modeling with advanced software and platforms. We leverage software like AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, and more for seamless integration. It can boost collaboration and facilitate data exchange among different project disciplines.

We follow strict quality control methods during the entire BIM modeling process. In addition, our team consists of skilled professionals with expertise in BIM modeling. Therefore, we ensure rigorous checks and evaluations to ensure accuracy. Also, align our processes to the adherence to industry standards, and the finest quality levels in our deliverables.