Structural BIM Services

In order to speed up the fabricating and building procedure, we may offer Revit structural modeling and coordination as part of our Structural BIM Services. For the structural specialists responsible for the project, we supply precise structural shop drawings of steel columns, steel beams, and reinforcing details in reinforced concrete components.

Our solutions facilitate the visualization of project architecture, the iterative modification of design and comprehensive models, and the development of unified model-based designs. We have been providing structural services to customers all over the world for over a decade, backed by an in-house staff of highly trained BIM engineers that are experts in Autodesk Revit.

We have executed a substantial percentage of Structural BIM projects over the last decade, including those for homes, businesses, and factories, of varying complexity levels. No of the intricacy of your project, our staff will be able to convert your schematic designs and construction drawings into clean Revit BIM models with parametric families.

There are many construction companies that want the best STRUCTURAL BIM SERVICES like ours. As Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used in the construction industry to create and manage digital representations of physical structures. Moreover, it can be used in the early stages of a project. So, it helps with conceptual design, and throughout the project to help with construction planning, coordination, and documentation. The reason why you need to take these services is that it is a crucial part of the designing process. Especially, if you are involved in designing a building, then it is necessary that you take our services.

In other words, they are a category of BIM services that deal with the design and engineering of building structures. Moreover, these services deal with the design, detailing, and production of the structural elements of a building or structure. As you know that 3D modeling is an important part of the construction process.

Employing our STRUCTURAL BIM SERVICES will make your projects more refined.

Our structural services


By bridging the design and fabrication process, we can help you achieve your goals.

But what most people don’t know is that the use of 3D modeling is becoming increasingly important when it comes to building anything from a small home extension to a large commercial development. So, there are a lot of benefits that you can get when you get Structural services.


International standards

Engineers use the international standards because they are very accurate and well-formulated documents. So, it gives them a clear idea of what to do in case of any problem. Moreover, the engineers are able to carry out the design process without any confusion and that is why they often refer to this document. Most of the international standards which our engineers follow are below:


Benefits of our Structural BIM Services

The benefits of hiring our services are as follows:

Works as a virtual representation

It provides a virtual representation of your proposed building. So, it can be reviewed using various simulation techniques. Moreover, it can be used for simulation of different external conditions such as fire, wind load, etc. Therefore, in order to estimate the performance of the structure after completion. This helps in reducing errors and rework during the construction phase.

A better understanding of work

It provides a better understanding of how different components interact with each other in real-life situations. Moreover, this helps in improving collaboration between different stakeholders involved in designing and constructing the building.

Reduce time for designing

It also helps reduce the time required to design and construct buildings. We have the ability to coordinate with architects, engineers, contractors, and others in one place is especially important. So, hiring our estimators would assist you in every way. Moreover, it will reduce the time that is meant to be spent on the project.

Our BIM detailing services

If you hire our company, below are the detailing services we provide with Structural BIM.

detailing services
work portfolio

Our work portfolio

Our company has been working in the market for the last few years offering many services including BIM Modeling Services. Moreover, you can also view our work portfolio to know about our work. Since our company has catered the clients with many useful services. In addition to this, our engineers have catered the clients in almost every sector. So, whether it's residential or commercial you can also get the services in the industrial sector.

We Provide Quality Assurance

With Designing Drafting, you can win big projects from your customers and earn accolades from them. For our customers, working with us should save them money and improve their margins. As a further guarantee, we will do the job on time and within budget, if not exceeding customer expectations. Our quality process consists of three steps:

“Our service is cost-effective, reliable, and fast.”

What Software We Use?

Working and exploring 3D building designs is much easier with our Services than looking at hundreds of drawings and understanding and interpreting them. For architects, engineers, and designers looking for collaborative tools and collated 3D functionality to simplify the design process for your building projects - we are just a phone call away! Contact us today, and our experts will redefine the design of your building for an efficient and effective project!

Why Partner with us?

Many reasons make us the leading provider of structural BIM design and consulting services in the market, including: