Shop Drawing Services

Shop Drawing Services are the fabricated drawings that translate the whole plan into a design. They provide complete information about how to manufacture, assemble, and fabricate any particle object or installation in the building. The Roots of Building information modeling lie in these 2D drawings conventionally. These are the essential drawings that provide the way to meet the final layout of the construction project. Furthermore, the shop drawings show the original ideal of design that can be modified with time. This is why you must pay attention to the importance of shop drawings because they provide a platform to start your planning phase and give you ideas about the project designs

Designing Drafting Services is an architectural service provider that delivers excellent shop drawing services to customers. We are the name of trust for our customers. The drawings generated by the experts are easy to understand for clients, contractors, and project managers. We consider the needs and requirements of customers and create customized drawings that are highly project-oriented. The drawings match the industrial standards and are easily adaptable. Our architects, drafting technicians, and engineers are highly determined to do their jobs.
Moreover, the company provides steel fabrication designs such as rebar shop drawings and structural steel fabrication drawings. Moreover, the level of detail provided to us goes beyond the traditional architectural designs especially when it comes to joinery shop drawings. This will generate enough information to estimate the changes you need in the project.

BIM Services

Our Shop Drawing Services include

We provide documentation on everything, including size, assembly, material, and installation process. It clarifies everything for the stakeholders and clients. We have experts in CAD drafting and drawing services. It has the following advantages for you:Our KPIs Include:

Rebar Shop Drawings

Design and layout for steel reinforcement. The drawing provides all the necessary information about the fracture control plan, frilling, molding, bending, and cutting of steel. Our analysis's accuracy and high precision will enhance your steel structure's efficiency. Furthermore, the document also tells you about size, length, material type, and other important stuff related to rebar estimations. We provide Rebar services for

Our structural BIM Services

If you are in need of a shop drawing service, we are here to assist you. Simply contact us, and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

mep services

Detailed analysis and documentation on the woodwork of any construction project. We tell about the exact spacing and features of the interior design. Experts' manuals, designs, and guidance will tell you about material type, dimensions, and installation process. The provided documentation will be highly relevant to the building design and type of construction. We provide Joinery Shop drawings for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our Joinery Shop designs are highly in demand in the market. You can visit customer reviews on joinery shop designs provided by designing drafting services.

MEP Drawing Services

A complete mechanical, electrical, and plumbing framework will be on your hand. You will get more understanding of MEP planning and installations. The structure fabrication drawing Moreover, you can take exact estimations by using MEP drawings along with the type of materials and quantity needed for your construction project. We provide MEP Drawing Services for:

Our facade Services
Precast detailing Services

Customer’s First Choice

The customer's first choice is the drawings we provided, fabrication drawings, or Rebar Shop drawings. After years of experience in the construction world, we made our name with accurate and efficient performance. We have worked with top-notch construction projects and delivered the best steel fabrication drawings and structure fabrication drawings. Remember to consider the importance of a beautiful and well-planned interior design, which comes after the efficient shop drawing architecture and interior design. Moreover, our client is highly satisfied with our shop drawing architecture and shop drawing interior design. With quality-proven rebar shop drawings, you will get perfect structural steel fabrication drawings.

Our Portfolio

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies, individuals and enterprises. We know how important it is for any business to work with an agency that offers a complete service with full fledged details. That’s why we work hard and offer you a complete package. Call us and ask for the samples. We’ll send you the samples in the lowest time possible.



Shop drawings are detailed drawings that show how a particular item will be fabricated and installed in a building.

Shop drawing services are essential for ensuring that a construction project is completed accurately and efficiently, and that the final product meets the design intent.

We offer a wide range of drawing services, including steel, concrete, and other materials.

The cost of our drawing services varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

The turnaround time for our shop drawing services depends on the scope and complexity of the project, but we strive to deliver our services as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.