Steel Shop Drawing Services

Designing Drafting provides precise shop drawing services for steel fabricators. Therefore, the shop drawing offers more information than the construction drawings do in regard to dimensions, materials, installation methods, hole placements, member connections, etc. The budget, time, resources, and cost of reworks may all be reduced with an accurate metal fabrication shop design.

Our steel detailers have the expertise to create high-quality shop drawings for any project, whether it’s steel, metal, or wood. Our structural engineers collaborate with customers to provide excellent results, including comprehensive steel shop drawings. Engineers and BIM modelers on our staff have years of expertise in the field.

We have a specialized crew that offers shop drawings in accordance with established building codes in order to lessen the likelihood of accidents and structural failure and should provide secure buildings. Our Steel shop drawings experts are proficient in operating Revit. They can facilitate you with accurate steel shop drawing details for your residential and commercial projects.

Our steel drawing services

If you hire our company for the steel beam drawing, you would be given many services. Below are the services which you can avail yourself on hiring us.

What type of software do we use for giving the Steel shop drawing services?

Our company has professional engineers who utilize the technology for giving these services. As we do not like to work with rough models, we use the software for making the drawings. Moreover, our engineers are quite proficient in giving such detailing. Most of the software that our experts use is listed below:

Whether you hand us a complex project use different tools like

irwin 10-pack carbon steel 4-in screw extractor, our engineers will give you the most effective designs for your project. Moreover, our team is open to talk with clients. So, if you want to make any kind of changes in work, you can ask our team. We will make the amendments and make your project according to your requirement.

Which international standards does our company follow?

Our engineers always follow international standards for providing the IVT steele work. Moreover, we promise to provide you with the most detailed, accurate, and detailed work.

Employ us for Steel Shop Drawing Services, and we'll help you develop the structures of your dreams.

What are the benefits of hiring our company?

There are many benefits which you would get from hiring our services. As one of our main aims is to give you satisfaction with our work. So we offer some benefits to you, such as:

Quality drawings

Our engineers have years of experience in this field so they can give you quality shop drawings and IVT steele. Moreover, they use various tools and technology to create detailed and accurate drawings for your project so that there will be no errors in it. So, you would not find any kind of errors in your work.


Our Structural steel detailing services are cost-effective because we offer a reasonable price for our clients from which they can save their money. In addition to this, we also provide extra services to you, such as detailing and other consulting services free of cost so that you don’t have to pay any extra amount. Moreover, our company does not offer any kind of hidden charges, so all of the charges will be explained to you clearly.

Accuracy in dimensions and details

We do not believe in providing inaccurate work. So, all of the drawings will be accurate. So, you can easily go for any kind of construction. Moreover, our engineers will make sure that every single calculation is done correctly about the measurements and materials that are needed for construction.

Saves times

If you get the Structural steel shop drawing services, you can easily save a lot of time during your construction. Because you are not putting extra effort into drawings. As all of the work is done with the help of engineers. Therefore, this way you can easily save time and money.

You will get a dedicated team

The best thing about hiring our professional team is that we offer you more experienced team members. Moreover, our engineers have the ability to handle all types of projects without any problem. So when you hire our engineering team for your project, you will get a dedicated team who will give their best in your project. As they will give you the best suggestions for your entire project.

Our engineers are highly qualified

We have a professional engineer group who has years of experience in IVT steele field and they know about your work. Moreover, all of the engineers are highly qualified.