Utility Modeling Services

Designing Drafting is a consulting firm specializing in utility modeling services with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness. Utility Modeling is an important tool. For a long time, our professionals have specialized in constructing utility network models. This effective instrument may mirror the circulation of energy (e.g., electricity, water) in your system, allowing you to make more informed choices during both scheduled and unscheduled blackouts.
We provide the most dependable and expert 3D modeling solutions in shoring, underground modeling, and utility services. Using our sophisticated BIM models, structural engineers may generate new designs for underground electrical, storm, or plumbing utility systems with little to no interference to the already operational systems. No matter how inaccurate or broken your current utility model is, our expert engineers can help you create a new one. Get in touch with us right away if you need help getting your utility model up and running or having it fixed.

Also, our engineers and drafters manage the project, creating 3D models to gain a deeper understanding of the job. With this stated, a stiff or flexible facing, also known as sprayed concrete, is normally travelling towards the panel’s surface. These laggings may be made of wood, steel, panels, concrete panels, and other materials. Thus, using our services, the team can determine the yield strength, which may range between 36000 and 70000 psi. But if time is limited, it may be tough to acquire the greatest degree of steel strength and that too in the specified form, size, and figure.

For a long period of time, the stabilizing positive support system is taken into consideration for ground excavation shoring services. When analyzing the process of shoring configuration, three fundamental kinds are considered: cantilever, braced, and box.

We offer services for architectural 3d modeling

At Designing Drafting, we offer a comprehensive range of architectural 3D modeling services to our clientele. With years of expertise, we understand the needs and requirements of our customers. Also, we use that knowledge to ensure that the architectural design process is sped up with the use of 3D modeling.

In terms of shoring, Utility modeling, and underground modeling, we are the most reputable and well-known supplier. With many years of expertise, we adhere to all of the essential standards and tools for the effective completion of the whole project. Our intelligent BIM Coordination Services share and enable the structural engineering team to generate and visualize new designs. Also, they analyze alternative choices such as subterranean electrical, storm, or plumbing utility systems without disrupting the present operational systems. Our engineers also have extensive expertise and understanding in building and constructing precise models of subsurface utilities. They are useful for contractors, AEC firms, designers, and general contractors.

Our engineers work with you to provide and convert 2D designs to 3D modeling services. Its purpose is to visualize and evaluate the flaw in order to shorten the delivery time for service execution, as well as conception and execution. Using your client’s requirements and needs, our 3D designers and drafters create 3D geometry based on those designs. In this case, the software is used to create multiple sets of objects, utilities, physical spaces, and building areas. There are several different types of CAD software, such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, ZWCAD+, and many more.

We at Designing Drafting support our customers by providing 2D to 3D modeling. It allows the team of design experts to communicate and materialize their design methods and then translate ideas into reality. It is feasible with correct planning and production.

Architectural Revit BIM services
structural Revit BIM services

Utility modeling services – main features

  • The main thing is to think about how to build a regular foundation that is strong enough yet light enough at the same time. In order to meet these requirements, you need an appropriate size of piles that can bear a certain amount of load without causing any damage or harm to the structure itself.
  • Our professionals will have all the right paperwork.
  • Anyone that requires these services should make sure they are inclusive and reactive when it comes to cost and time frames.
  • Most importantly, our services are in accordance with all building codes that are necessary for utility lines to be installed legally as well as efficiently.
  • When planning a building or remodeling, the foundation of each utility service should be carefully thought upon.
  • By installing a clamp on the utility lines and wires, they will never co-mingle with any other wires on any electrical panels. It is also important that these clamp doors are not to be removed after being installed as they are very strong and will not come off easily.
  • In order to serve the building long enough, it is necessary that the service provider had proper planning when building the foundations.
  • You should have specific questions about the utility lines or any other parts of the installation process.
  • If you need to set up your own database or have any other questions, then just call us.
  • We appreciate all of our customers who use our services and look forward to hearing from you soon!



Hire the most excellent Utility modeling services from us at the price which you like to pay.

Our underground utilities BIM services include the following categories

Designing Drafting today provides you with the list in which you will discover the information that shares the categories of the job on which we operate, and that plays an important part. As a result, the list for the same is as follows that you can get in our our services.

  • A drainage pipe system.
  • Sewerage system
  • Water Supply Line
  • A gas line.
  • Ducts for cables.
  • A power line.
  • A phone line.

Now that we understand the relevance of the Modular BIM services, we can explore the method of soil nailing. It aids in the reinforcement of retaining walls by the insertion of thin components – essentially steel reinforcing bars. These are the bars that are installed into a pre-drilled hole and then set or grouted into the location where the installation is to be installed. The installation is normally un-tensioned and has a modest downward slope.

We at Designing Drafting take a comprehensive grasp of the design and then determine how the sheet and timbers must be identified in order to eliminate any sort of flexibility, which is in the form of planks and timbers. As a result, it is critical that such things be considered and completed with great correctness and precision. This is due to the fact that the foundation is initially extremely weak, and even the slightest movement will result in the distribution of stresses, causing the foundation to be impeded and causing fractures and damage.

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