BIM LOD services

Trying to get dependable BIM LOD services for your building project? If so, Designing Drafting is here to help its customers by providing a comprehensive set of BIM LOD solutions that can be used to determine the starting and finishing points of any building project. A Level of Development (LOD) is a gradation of complexity. It’s concerned with your project’s finer points and is predicated on the work done in the preliminary design phase.

In order to provide a 3D image of the building design and evaluate it using various LOD levels, our skilled team of BIM engineers works ceaselessly. These conceptual models are tailored to specific design phases, 3D visualization, scheduling, construction-grade quantity takeoffs, and estimates, as well as on-site production control and fabrication.

We can provide LOD services at any granularity because of our extensive experience. The level of detail may be anything between 100 and 500. We create a 3D model of your building project using LOD standards recommended by the construction industry.

What to expect from OUR BIM LOD services

In other words, the level of detail in BIM service is a combination of services and products. It governs the design, specification, delivery, and cost management of building information models in construction projects. Moreover, it is a reference model based on agreed standards developed by the construction industry. So, it speeds up the design & build process. Moreover, these models can be by our professionals. As we can provide such services and adhere to this proposed standard for providing LOD services. If you want to build a new real estate property or renovate an old one, your goal should be to make your BIM services flawless. So, our team of auditors will make your work easy. Moreover, you would not find trouble in your work.

We can assist you by providing BIM LOD Services.

Facade BIM services are an important part of the BIM process. As facades are critical to the structural, appearance, and environmental performance of a building. Moreover, they are often critically attached to the structure so if they aren't properly modeled. In addition to this, it can lead to very significant errors that can delay construction and cost significant money. Often these items need their own separate coordinate systems but we should do early this on. We tie together all items with solid information. Moreover, this allows for instant updates and accurate coordination of the project for all trades using the model. Therefore, our engineers provide accurate services to clients. So, they would make your construction aesthetically more beautiful. Also, our team has been using the software, so they will provide you with accurate services.

Our work portfolio for LOD Services

Our company has worked for many clients. Moreover, we have diverse experience which makes us unique in the market. Therefore, if you check our portfolio, we have catered to different clients with our outstanding services. Below is the list of work which makes us strong in the market.

Four major stages of our services

During the construction project, all the data is recorded and shared between the various stakeholders involved in the project. As our professionals use the lod revit to provide the precise work plan. Moreover, the Building Information Modelling (BIM) is developed from this information.

We describe the four major stages of building information modeling as follows:​

LOD 100:

It is called Element Forming. This level of detail describes the basic form of an object with no sign of material or parts. Moreover, lod 100 is also called the first stage.

LOD 200:

At this stage, we define the object in terms of its parts, but with no indication of materials or construction methods. So, all the materials are carefully scrutinized.

LOD 300:

We defined the object in terms of its characteristics and properties, including materials and construction methods.

LOD 400:

We define the object in terms of its performance characteristics, including movement, acoustic and thermal behavior, etc.

At every stage of building information modeling, the level-of-detail increases so that one can get a better understanding of the construction phase.

Benefits of Having Our services

There are many benefits of implementing BIM Level of Detail services in a construction project. Below we have listed some of the most important:

Why our company?

In today’s world, 3d BIM LOD models are the most used technology in the construction industry. Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers a wide range of benefits to both Construction and AEC firms. BIM has proven to be a method for streamlining the process of project delivery and improving the quality of work.

The benefits of hiring our company are:


The output generated from the BIM model is used by various stakeholders i.e., General Contractors, Engineers, Developers, Architects, etc. so, our experts will help you in knowing the different aspects of their respective roles.

Reduced mistakes

Our company uses BIM for the BIM Design Development. It reduces the mistakes made during the construction process which saves time and cost of rework.


Our professionals will help in defining a clear set of standards among stakeholders. Moreover, it provides valuable information about the project during or after its creation or implementation.

Better coordination

As it allows all parties involved to access a single source for all information about the building. Moreover, it helps in better coordination among all participants.


It improves the scheduling capabilities by providing more accurate data that can create 4D simulations. As we have a team that is best at scheduling your BIM LOD services.