Cobie Services

COBie Services, or Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, is a data transmission protocol utilized throughout the building construction process to collect data about the construction supplies and machinery to be employed. While 7D BIM projects are active, the building manager saves this electronic information to be used for reliability and maintainability.

This record may be created by construction specialists in collaboration, updated as necessary over the construction phase, and then sent to the customer. The customer supplies us with knowledge in the form of item spec sheets, machinery lists, supplies lists, etc., and our professionals use this data to complete their tasks.

Once the constructed asset is finished, all of this data will be utilized for 3D Revit modeling, which in turn may be used for O&M and asset management. Our BIM professionals provide timely answers and uniform protocol for capital management.

COBie is a service that is very closely related to BIM services. It is one of the worldwide standards for handling information linked to space and equipment. COBie is an acronym that stands for “Construction Operations Building Information Exchange.” This service’s format is to collect data and record it in an essential document. All of this is connected to the project data. This data now includes a location of origin. Equipment list, precise data sheets, and so forth. As a result, Designing Drafting provides you with the COBie service that you need.

Our BIM specialists guarantee that COBie data is gathered, formatted, and recorded for use in facility management. We can also help businesses import COBie data into facility management programes such as IBM Maximo Manage, FM Systems, and others.

Whatever the client’s needs are for their project, the team and the organization are here to help. COBie applies not just to buildings but also to roads, rail, and infrastructure. There is a great deal of danger associated with not knowing about COBie and how to gather information from the model at every level.

This service has just become necessary since it is required for all projects. Designing Drafting provides thorough COBie support and services to AEC businesses, manufacturers, contractors, and owners.

Data Sharing:

Data sharing is the initial benefit of our services. In this case, the procedure facilitates data exchange across facility management platforms. This is achievable because of technologies like BIM authoring tools, CMMS, and CAFM (computer-aided facility management). The goal here is to limit the number of discrepancies while simultaneously minimizing the demand for data recollection. After the data is exported, it compares against comparable data sets for other reasons, all inside facility management organizations. The main goal is to reduce repetition and complete tasks using simple approaches.

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In order to create library components that include COBie data with relevant COBie requirements, Designing Drafting BIM Consultants can help clients review COBie requirements, embedding, or supply chain understanding.

  • Briefing clients, consultants, contractors, and supply chain on COBie, what the impact is, and how they need to prepare.
  • Determination of COBie Facilities Management (FM) integration needs.
  • Development of Facilities ManagementAsset Information Management (FMAIM) COBie integration where no out-of-the-box solutions exist.

Why is it advantageous to choose our Cobie services?

In Standard Facility Management, asset information and maintenance schedules are manually entered into CMMS. Documents that contractors’ handovers to their subcontractors usually include asset information, operation and maintenance manuals, and drawings. Our service is not limited to building construction; it also works in the rail, road, and infrastructure sectors. Facilities managers spend most of their time writing, examining, and transcribing thousands of pages of documents, verifying transcriptions, and manually entering the information into a CMMS. It takes several years of joint work to develop organized data that can be utilized for facility management. Using COBie in practice, designers and contractors may record and store operations, maintenance, and asset management data right from the start. COBie is a performance-based standard that includes two (2) kinds of data: spaces and equipment.

The design and construction submittals may be simply combined into an electronic operations and maintenance (O&M) manual, which can then be loaded into a CMMS and Asset Management software at no extra expense. Examples of such programs are IBM Maximo Manager and FM Systems. Due to a lack of experience, many BIM consultants can only supply a tiny portion of the process. When we know that out-of-the-box solutions in a software-agnostic environment are restricted, we have a development team that writes interfaces from BIM Authoring systems to CDEs and into Facilities Management (FM) systems.

Get low-priced but high standard CObie services to complete your projects the way you dream.

Data Transfer:

Once the data collecting and sharing processes are completed, COBie will help you in transmitting this data. Data transport via this means the most cost-effective method, particularly after the construction has been completed. The management of the company receives this information. CMMS (Computer-based Workshop Management System) here receives the data from BIM authoring tools and loads it into a COBie-compliant system.

How our cobie bim services function?

Designing Drafting specializes in offering all CAD-related services. The in-house staff here has considerable experience and is an experts in their various fields of work. Moving on, the reason you should choose and seek advice for these services is that all of your demands and requirements will be met and addressed within the time frame specified.

Furthermore, since all services are provided under one roof, you can put your faith in us and give your fresh project wings to soar. We also provide BIM, MEP Services, 2D and 3D modelling, Shop Drawing services, LOD services, and other similar services. So, please contact us without delay to continue the conversation.

Some of the services for which we are trained and available are listed below.

  • Providing them with a thorough and extensive briefing about our services. Clients, contractors, manufacturers, consultants, and the supply chain team are all provided with the information. The material provided is intended to help them comprehend the significance of this service and to prepare them to check for it’s in and out.
  • Maintaining a scope and ensuring that the job is integrated with ease and comfort. This is everything linked to the COBie Facilities Management criterion (FM).
  • An accompanying project deliverable contains information on planned assets through cobie smulders in a bikini, a data format standard.

When it comes to BIM, Designing Drafting is really unique in that we can supply BIM authoring technologies, training, Common Data Environments (CDEs), and BIM installation and project services.

COBie is a data format standard that will include information on planned assets in the accompanying design deliverables. Important project data may be acquired at the point of origin with our services. In addition to COBie services, we also offer equipment lists, product data sheets, warranty information, and spare parts information services.