In the modern era, where everyone is moving towards advancement and digital simulations, construction businesses are not behind either. Several, engineers and architectures are using these advanced models to digitally visualize the project details. The details not only show the simulations or graphics but provide complete detailed information about each phase a lot with its prices. Well if this information is new for you, do not worry about it. The following article carries all the important information about BIM 4D modeling services and 5D modeling for your knowledge. The detail also contains a short comparison between 4D and 5D BIM software and services that are beneficial for construction cost estimation. To know further follow the article below!

What is 4D BIM Services?

BIM 4D modeling services and 4D Construction allow the user to create an intelligent model between the 3D digital model created by the architectures and information of various project activities required for the estimation’s final process. It is a project model or simulation based on information, also called the informational model. The model is usually used for time management. The model aims to visualize the performance of all activities, identify and manage their periods, and provide a report to the stakeholders to analyze and prevent the problems related to the project’s spatial and temporal points of view. Identification of time intervals during construction is important because it highly impacts the construction cost estimation.

Advantages of 4D BIM Services in Cost Estimation

There are several advantages of creating an information model concerning time, We have discussed some of the major models following:

  • To plan and schedule.
    With a comprehensive picture of the project along with the results and information of each step, it becomes easy to plan the project for stakeholders and project managers.
  • Provides Real-Time Updating
    With the availability of easy project visualization, it becomes easy for everyone to update each other about the changes and updates in the project. They do not have to make extra phone calls and emails. With quick communication, there is a huge chance of better coordination, which is essential for efficient cost estimation.
  • Increase Project Monitoring
    You can monitor your budget allocation process easily. BIM 4D Modeling Services and 4D Construction allow managers to take a look at resource consumption. They can easily tackle if any part of the project is facing over-consumption or under-consumption of resources and try to sort the problem on the spot.
  • Reduces the risk of conflicts
    If there is any conflict or issue at any stage, with 4D BIM, and 4D scheduling software it is easy for the estimators to trace and resolve the conflict’ You can also find out the individuals responsible for the conflict by keeping track of everything that happens on the construction site.
  • Safety at the Construction Site
    Most of the budget utilization happens at the construction site. Using an animation sequence to monitor the site makes it easy for the project manager and stakeholders to determine whether everything is going according to plan. They can tackle problems before they happen, preventing material resources from going to waste because of any redo or construction site mistake.

BIM 4D modeling services

How do 4D BIM Services support Construction Cost Estimation?

BIM 4D modeling services are more like a scheduling model. It combines a 3D BIM model with process sequences, time management, and information and results related to each phase of the project. Specifically designed to embed the time factor into the digital model of the project. It is more like a special and temporal representation of the project, which is beneficial for the construction cost estimation in many ways, such as:

  • With the benefit of a precise and well-scheduled model, there is less or equal to no risk of mistakes. This means it will keep you from over-usage of materials and certain redos.
  • It will raise the efficiency of BIM calculators and if there is any requirement to change and update any information.
  • Moreover, healthy coordination and communication also impact the cost of the project, where everyone knows the loophole to reduce it.

What are 5D BIM services?

5D BIM services are dedicated to cost management of the entire project lifecycle. Most engineers, architects, and project managers prefer using 5D BIM services in modern construction trends and projects. Quantity surveyors and cost estimators use it in almost every project’s preconstruction phase to increase the efficiency of the estimation. It is the best method to make cost plans for the project because it is a cost management dedicated model.

Advantages of using 5D BIM services

It is clear that if you use a cost-dedicated model for construction cost estimates, it will help you to a great extent. However, the following are some advantages of 5D BIM Services:

  • Cost Estimation with high accuracy
    With a combination of 3D models, 4D scheduling information, management, and 5D aspects, it provides the most reliable source to find the cost of the project. The model associates the cost information cost with all the relevant phases of the project and estimates it accordingly.
  • Cost Analysis in Real-Time
    With everything related to the project in front of your eye, as visual simulations, it is easy for the managers and stakeholders to see the cost estimations of each part or phase individually and an overall budget value. By using 5D BIM software, the estimator can see the cost details and extract them for further analysis.

BIM 4D modeling services

  • On-time instructions on Cost Control
    They can see the areas with high consumption of resources and how much resources you have allocated to them. This will give an idea of whether the allocated resource is enough to complete the task or if it is under-resourced. If there is any conflict in allocation, the manager will sort it out on-site. Moreover, it is also necessary to see if there is any over-consumption of budget or waste of materials. This cost control is necessary to reduce the cost of the project.
  • Collaboration and transparency
    To finance your project, the first is the transparency of finance documents and management system. BIM models increase the visualization of the project, which means everyone can see every ongoing or completed phase of the project along with cost information and schedule. This means there is no point in adding bogus or incorrect information relevant to cost.

How do 5D BIM Services Support Construction Cost Estimation?

To get 5D BIM services, there are some general steps that you need to follow:

  • Step# 1: Create a 3D BIM model for your project with accurate pre-construction details and requirements of the client.
  • Step# 2: Convert that 3D model into the 4D model by using BIM 4D modeling services and add scheduling information into the model.
  • Step# 3: Add the unit price according to each phase; then, cost estimators will determine the overall costs and add them to the project information.
  • Step# 4: You can see the components of the project along with their information and cost on VDC.

Comparison between 4D and 5D BIM Services in Cost Estimation

Suppose you have read the blog thoroughly and understood it. In that case, 4D models and 4D scheduling software are enhanced versions of 3D models that have information on each phase or component of the project along with time management. However, in 5D BIM Services, the model is based on all the information and features of the 4D model, which means it is an enhanced version of 4D models. Moreover, it also adds cost information for each phase of the project.
As a result, you can see that 4D models with their information and scheduling are more suitable for project management and planning. The 5D model with the cost information is more suitable for cost estimators and project financing. However, it depends on the 5D BIM software you use and your skills to work on it, to see if it will give you a more accurate cost estimation or not.


We have briefly explained everything related to 4D and 5D BIM models. Both models play a crucial role in construction cost estimation and Construction Estimating Services. However, 5D models are more dedicated and especially made for cost and project financing.

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