Construction Contract administration requires several documents for the approval of your construction project. The property owner must submit construction documents such as building construction drawings, building regulatory drawings and construction payment schedules to get approval. Consequently, if the project needs to be listed on the building permit, an application for site plan review must also be submitted. This is required when any new construction or renovation occurs on a site that has yet to be permitted for development.

And to get the building permit from construction contract management, you need construction documentation. Suppose you’re not from a legal background or don’t know any information about those documents. This article is going to solve your issue. We’ve written a brief report on the documentation required to approve building construction.

What are the construction documents?

Construction documents include all the information and legal documents necessary for construction contract administration to give you approval. The documents describe precisely how the contractor will work on the project. Furthermore, it also explains the project’s scope and purpose. The records include building construction drawings, building regulation drawings, and construction payment schedules for the construction contract management.

What type of documents are required for Construction Approval?

There are different types of documents required for construction projects. Here, we have given a detail about those documents.

Construction Agreement

A construction agreement carries the scope of the project. It is a full project description that includes payment and supplier information. Risk of delays, constractor protection. Furthermore, the information about contract laws and insurance.

Document of general and specific conditions

A legal framework that tells how you can resolve problems and clashes during the project. However, specific conditions are in any particular type of instruction in the project. These conditions do not affect the rest of the project. It is the extension of the actual general document.

Scope of Work

The scope of the document includes everything about the project, such as the contractor’s expectations and targeted goal. With a clear scope, the entire project becomes clear and understandable to everyone. The project’s scope also includes who will complete the project and what kind of materials they will use.

Building regulation drawings

Blueprints and Drawings

The constructor has to submit blueprints, designs and documents related to the project plan and initial building construction drawings. For further process, first, they have to get approval for the Building regulation drawings. If by any chance, blueprints and designs fail to be approved, they have to make changes in the designs.


The building permit will include information about the location and size of work you’ve done and other specifications needed for construction, such as parking requirements and setbacks from property lines. It will also detail any environmental conditions that the design team must meet during construction, such as air quality or noise levels.
Construction contract administration will review your application and determine whether it suits your project. In addition to reviewing your plans, he may request additional materials, such as soil samples or other testing, necessary before he issues his final approval order on your application.

Purpose of Permit?

Above all, the local government will usually conduct a building survey to verify the construction documents and determine whether the proposed building will be constructed according to the approved plans.
Above all, the purpose of the building survey is to check that the:

  • The design complies with the requirements of legislation, regulations, and codes.
  • The construction site is suitable and safe.
  • The construction work complies with the specifications given in the design documents.
  • No significant defects were found during the construction documents.

Documents required to get a permit

  • Building Licence
    The first thing to do is get a building license. With it, the authority will consider your property a legal document. Moreover, you must attach a copy of your building license. If you do the construction independently, you’ll submit the private license. However, if you’re hiring a constructor, your constructor will handle everything. Construction contractors will submit their legal license of development.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment/ Noise Abatement Plan
    In the USA, noise pollution laws are strict. The construction of the building must submit an assessment of how a company will manage the noise pollution laws. That is to say, government authorities don’t want a construction project to produce too much noise pollution.
    So, they’ll require an assessment of managing noise pollution. If the assessment crosses the average DB, the permit might get suspended. Most importantly, the DB in the assessment must stay under the laws of the USA. Similarly, the law states that a construction project can produce a maximum noise of 45 DB. Above that is not permissible.
  • Fire Safety Certificate/ Fire Extinguisher Installation Certificate
    The construction company must submit the safety blueprint construction documents of the building. That blueprint will explain how a fire extinguishing system is spread throughout the building. The fire extinguishing should spread to cover every single portion of the building so that every portion of the building will be fire extinguisher in the building. An architectural engineer is the one who designs the fire extinguishing system. The authorities will evaluate the blueprint. The authority will reject your application if they find any single error or calculation that doesn’t cover an area smaller than 1 meter. Therefore, must hire a QA to confirm the fire extinguishing system as per the authorities.
  • Land Clearance
    Land clearance only applies to those who want to build a building on agricultural land. It usually applies on the village land, remote highways, or anywhere where crops are nearby because that area is agricultural land. However, if your land is in the city, there is no need to worry about it. You can skip that section as well. For land clearance, you must get the approval of the corresponding authorities.
    Similarly, these authorities, including agricultural and land authorities will issue you the license. To clarify, that license will decide whether you will get the construction permit. Without it, your construction documents will go illegal, and authorities will reject them immediately.

Bill of Quantities

This bill includes the tracking of materials, tools and labor. This bill helps contractors enlist the cost of each item to see the overall cost that will affect them. The Customers benefit from this document during the bidding process.

Building regulation drawings

Construction Schedule

A construction project always has a time duration. This schedule includes the starting and ending time of the project. It is like an approximate timeline to follow for the contractors. Schedules cannot be firm. That’s why it has to be flexible for delays.

Construction payment schedule

A document that includes both soft and hard costs. Following are the hard and soft costs, respectively, that must be added to the cost estimate document.

Hard Cost

  • The expected work to be completed
  • Estimates for labor
  • Contingencies
  • Overhead costs
  • Landscaping costs

Soft Cost

  • Inflation
  • Inspection fees
  • Equipment needed to complete the job


To conclude, you need all these documents to get project approval from the Construction contract administration for your construction. These documents are essential for save city plans. Moreover, your Building construction drawing and Building regulation drawings must be accurate and according to the standards of the city development rules. Lastly the
Construction payment schedule is also necessary for the building inspectors and Construction contract management.

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